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Viktor Krum
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V I K T O R . K R U M

Viktor Krum, from a young age, was trained in two things: Quidditch and Dark Magic. The former he loves, and takes great pleasure in - he's the top Quidditch player of his age. The latter was an unfortunate consequence of being trained at the Durmstrang Institute for Magic; while Krum has indeed a working knowledge of Dark spells that would make most Slytherins jealous, he rarely finds himself using them. If you ask him, he will either deny his knowledge of the Dark Arts, or show off rather impressively, depending on the kind of day he's having.

Over his time at Milliways, Krum has proven to have a rather ... undefined morality. It's something of a toss-up whether, in the years to come, Krum will be found under the banner of the Order of the Phoenix or by the side of Voldemort. Only time will tell.

Krum is fairly tall, around six foot, but he looses some inches in height when he's slouching which is all the time. On the ground he looks extremely awkward: he's described as "duck-footed" and wears a semi-permanent scowl. He does, however, have a dexterity that would surprise most people - and man, you should see him fly.

It also should be noted that he has quite impressive eyebrows.

Update: Krum has aged quite a bit since first appearing in Milliways. At the moment he is somewhere in his early twenties. He remains tall and skinny, but since his return to the bar in January '06 he walks slightly differently, slouching less and with some of his natural awkwardness revoked. He's started shaving less though he needs it more. He doesn't scowl as much anymore, but he rarely smiles.

He also has a number of scars: a series of them up and down his left arm, which might be from Quidditch or might not. There is a rumour that if looked at in a certain way, they form letters. This has not yet been proven or disproven.

Further note:
Krum speaks English, Bulgarian and Russian, because in my interpretation, Durmstrang is located in some obscure portion of Siberia. Since Russian is a fairly common language for countries in that area of the world, I imagine it to be the language that classes at Durmstrang are taught in.

This is thought.
"This is speech."
"[This is speech in another language. Usually it will be Russian or Bulgarian, and will be indicated by the text.]"

Viktor Krum is property of J.K. Rowling. He's played by sleightofhand. This journal is intended for the milliways_bar RPG.